Hijabi Muslim Sisters, Please Get Over Yourselves

Sisters, this is from a girl's point of view. From experiences we need to get out of our princess phase and accept reality.

Do you feel blessed that you got the strength to put on the hijab if you didn't do so earlier in life? Do you feel peace when you do remind others of Islamic practices? Do you now want to get married to complete half of your deen? Have you rejected proposal because he wasn't Channing Tatum with a sunnah style beard? Well if all your answer was yes to all the questions then please keep reading.

HijabCongratulations on putting on the hijab and may Allah (SWT) reward you for it, if you put it on to please him and not your family or society.  The hijab is a powerful symbol of humbleness and honor for women in Islam. Allah, the almighty, have granted you women with physical beauty that will bring sweetness the eyes of men. Unfortunately, our beauty could attract the wrong type of men so that's why putting on the hijab became mandatory in Islam.

Now, let's get into the juicy stuff, marriage. Marriage is more than just satisfying one's sexual desire, it's a union between a man and female to grow together worshiping Allah (SWT) in this life and insha'Allah go to jannah (heaven) together in the akhira (hereafter). However, sisters nowadays seem to getting a little picky and not prioritizing marriage. The typical excuse is finishing your school or establishing yourself a career; which is good by the way. However, if you are in your early 20s, and you are trying to avoid marriage till you reach your late 20s or may be in your 30s, then you really should check yourself. There is no set age for marriage, but unfortunately ladies, our biological time is ticking and it's up to you to use what Allah granted you and lock a guy in.

At work, I heard one Muslim sister in her early 20s, "guys will always be after me". I just shook my head because right now her face is young and her skin is smooth so she has her physical beauty, but that's going to start to fade away as she ages.

Sheikh Saad Tasleem
Some of you if not all, are rejecting guys left and right because he may not be "tall enough" or "sexy enough" or "rich enough" or may not look as good as Sheik Saad Tasleem (pic on right) or whatever the reason is. Yes it's important to be physically attractive or attractive to the person one way or another, but you have to give the guy a chance. When I say give the guy a chance that means give it time to talk to him and get to know him and see if your goals are similar to his or if your interests are similar to his. I have shown pictures of religious Muslim guys to beautiful Muslim sisters, and just by looking at their pictures they rejected him. It's unfortunate sisters are rejecting left and right because eventually those proposals or "rishtas" will run out. When those rishtas run out then you possible will "settle" for a guy who is probably not good enough for you and your future.

Girls, our peak time is in our early 20s, so use your age to attract that guy of yours. If you watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, then take a break from all that because that's not reality. Real men don't put on make-up and workout 6 hours a day (even though working out and staying fit is a must). Real men have jobs to earn money and support their families. Those Hollywood and Bollywood male stars are possible eye candies but at the end of the day you have to face reality.

You put on the hijab to guard your modesty, how about you get married young so you can protect your eyes from fitna, especially in this Western society where fitna is a norm.

Men don't like older women, that's the ugly truth. There are more of us females in the world than men; therefore, males have more choices. If you reject a guy for superficial reasons than expect to get rejected for the same reasons. Look at the guy for his piety instead of what he has or gained superficially. Guys like younger women because men are visual creatures and they want to have kids. The earlier a woman has kids the less likely there will be complications with the pregnancy, as science puts it. Yes, Allah (SWT) can change things around at his will, but Allah helps those who help themselves. So instead of wasting time in your early 20s, make dua and look for that Mr. Right; and may Allah (SWT) grant us all with spouses who will be best for us in this duniya and in the akhira.

I hope no sisters are offended by this post; this post is only a reminder and not a way to put fellow sisters down.

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