Muslim Men Needs to Stop Being Shy

Muslim women are plenty and unfortunately they outnumber the Muslim men so, less options. And each one of those women are looking or that special man that they can connect to so they can decide if that man is who they will spend the rest of their life with. Now the problem with all this is that the good Muslim men are not that vocal. They are the ones who are quiet and do not say much in gatherings and programs. Unfortunately they are usually the ones who are the pious ones and who will treat women right and not any sisters notices them. Usually the non-practicing or the semi-practicing Muslim brothers are the ones who are the "ladies men" type. They are vocal and they have the confidence to put themselves out there for the Muslim sisters to notice.

Good Girls Like Bad Boys
Wait Too Long and the Pretty Muslim Sister Will Be Taken
The phrase "good girls like bad boys," is true and there's a reason for that. The bad boys are the ones who have confidence which is a very attractive to the girls. These confident Muslim men are always the first ones to be taken. Confidence is what makes a man, a man. Confidence defines the masculinity in men. The number of practicing Muslim brothers with confidence are not that many. Usually confident Muslim brothers are in a professional field that requires a lot of interaction with others, such as lawyers, doctors, business executives, marketing professionals, etc.

Muslim Men Get Over It
If you are a brother and you always think if this is haram or that is haram, then please get over it. Read and follow the hadith and approach the girl with pure intentions. If you think you made a mistake then keep in mind that Allah (SWT) is merciful and ask for forgiveness. If you don't grow some balls and gain the confidence then how are you expected to be known; pardon me for the language, but it's frustrating to see the good ones without any confidence. When you approach a sister, don't be so weird or awkward, just be yourself. Don't make up things just to impress her or make small talk. The best way to approach a sister is to ask about her to her friends or family. An indirect approach brings about a comfortable setting to see if she is interested or not.

Do Your Part and Let Allah Takes Care of the Rest
The Almighty, Allah (Azza Wa Jal), is the master of our affairs, but he gave us the gift of free will. We have the option to choose and do whatever we want; however, we should do things that he permitted and things that will please him. Muslim brothers, don't be afraid of approaching a sister for marriage. Get that thought of being rejected before approaching the girl out of your head. Follow the Islamic way and gain that confidence. Do your part and make dua and let Allah (Azza Wa Jal) take care of the rest. If you approached the Muslim sister with good intentions of marrying her and to have a good Islamic life then you did your part. If it didn't work out at that time then it's ok because nothing is what it seems. Allah has ways to change things around in ways that us humans cannot even imagine. It may not happen right away, it could happen months or years down the line, only Allah knows. If it's not meant not to be then it's not meant to be. My main point is do your part and let Allah take care of the rest; if she is good for you and your religion then it will happen, if she's not good for you and your religion then it won't happen, but at least you tried.

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