So you Like that Hajibi Girl you Saw. Now What?

You were walking pass by a group of Muslim girls and you see a group of hijabi girls among them and one girl caught your eye.  Obviously you can't check out anything else other than her face because she is dressed modestly.  So your eyes shot an arrow to your heart, what do you do now?
  1. Don't get excited.  First of all, she could be taken ,so don't think that you will get to marry her just because you spotted her. I'm sure many guys saw her before and thought the same thing. Some of them could have longer beards than yours =P.
  2. Find a common friend. In this day and age, girls and guys talking to each other is not a taboo. So find one of her girlfriends that you may know or someone who knows her girlfriend and ask about her. Don't FaceBook stalk her and contact her through FaceBook because that will look creepy on your part.
  3. If she is single then arrange a meet with some of her girl friends. Make the meet informal and in a public place so it'll be halal. Make you plan something with her girl friends so they will go away while you and her talk after the ice is broken.
  4. Have Pure Intentions; remember you are talking to her in the goal of marriage. Marriage is of a lifetime partnership and not about just having sex. Ask her questions of common goals and how she wants to live a family life with you. Ask all the questions openly, but keep in mind you are talking to a girl.
There is no such thing as girlfriends and boyfriends in Islam, so don't have that mindset. Always focus on marriage but before, get to know the person in a halal manner so there is no issue of compatibility. Also, keep in mind when you get married to a girl, you are also joining both of your families so family compatibility is also important.

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